Business consultant, online Marketer,

My goal is to help fellow business owners move forward and jump over hurdles to achieve great things. I love my life and my work, and I am hoping I can help more people find their success and happiness!

What I do

Business Consulting

I've been around thousands of businesses across the globe, and can help open your mind

Online Advertising

Any stage your business is in, use online advertising to expand your reach and raise awareness

Automation And Integration

Automate tasks and utilize existing and new online tools to make your work more efficient

About me

I have been around small businesses for almost a decade. I began by building my own startup company, which very quickly became about making lives of small business owners easier. 

After closing down that company, I decided to focused on helping small businesses grow and develop through online marketing. I have been working with SMBs and brands –   building long lasting funnels, implementing growth tactics through online campaigns and serving a wide range of budgets and media blends – for over 8 years. 

Why “Ocean”? 

Besides my connection with the ocean, the name reflects more than just that. My initials, OEC are contained in the name, but at a higher level – it represents the vastness  and endlessness of the field in which I work, alongside the beauty and possibilities that come with it. 

Wherever I may roam

I am always willing to hear from you

Contact me on social media 👆 or fill in your name and email and I will be in touch as soon as I can.

Where am I now?